Following Up with Potential Clients after First Contact

Your first email follow-up with clients is critical. Make sure you make a good first impression.The idea of a successful legal marketing campaign is to get in contact with potential clients. As successful as the advertisements might be in getting people to make first contact, the deal isn’t done until there’s ink on paper in your office. If you’ve gotten a possible future client to contact you, your advertising has done its job, and now it’s up to you to keep the relationship going. A quality follow-up plan can really bring home the clients.

It’s been discussed that offering a free consultation or hospital visits isn’t going to have possible clients banging down your doors. An outstanding law firm advertisement online (or even in print advertisments) should get them in contact with you, and a successful way to do that is to offer information through a book or an informational report. Once they reach out, you have their contact information and what they’re interested in getting from you.

Ben Glass from Great Legal Marketing points out that it can take almost a year between the client making contact and a deal being made. And after you give out a free book or report, the potential client doesn’t really owe you anything. A book was offered, and they took it. Staying at the top of their list of law firms is up to you, and following up afterwards will keep you relevant.

Clients looking for information will probably get the information from a few different resources, including a few other competing law firms. If they contact you, they probably contacted others as well. So when they go to make the phone call to set up a meeting and sign with a lawyer, it’s not necessarily a done deal that you will be the one for them. Follow up with a personal letter or a monthly newsletter or just a quick email asking them how they’re fairing with their situation. At that point, you don’t owe them anything and they don’t owe you anything, but being the one attorney who genuinely cares when they’re money on the table will keep you close to memory.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.