Pictures Matter: How NOT to Design Your Law Firm’s Website

There is a lot of standard, boring graphics that can be pulled from the Internet and onto your webpage. However, you must remember that you’re not just trying to fill space - you need to use the available space wisely.

Here are four graphics that are guaranteed to make your legal website look like everybody else’s:

  • A picture of a gavel or courthouse. YAWN! While this sort of thing is fine for your letterhead, most people aren’t going to be comforted by the fact that you have a gavel on your site—and some will be deterred because you couldn’t think of anything more original.
  • A picture of your firm. There is a place for this photo on your site, and that place is the "About Us" page. It shouldn’t be placed anywhere else, especially not on the upper third of your homepage.
  • A picture of the skyline of your city. Your address should be available in multiple places. If you have optimized your site correctly, you should have geo-locations throughout your copy. Any visitors should be able to tell where your firm is located simply by reading your first headline (and since they already know where they live, a picture isn’t going to help anyone).
  • A picture of the inside of your conference room. You would be surprised how many firms include pictures of their offices on their websites. It’s extremely unlikely that a customer would choose your firm based on the decor of your conference room, so the only time your client should see it is when he’s there for a consultation.

Why you should avoid stock photos on your legal website.Remember: the key to building a great legal website is to address the client’s needs rather than your own. You may be proud of your logo or have commissioned a special set of head shots of your firm that you really want to use on the front page. But your client does not care about which law school you attended and how many awards you have won: he wants to know how you will help him, how long it will take, and what he can expect in his case.

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