How an attorney can become a local celebrity.Becoming a local attorney celebrity is at the heart of many of our lawyer marketing strategies. You want to be the first name that comes to mind when someone is faced with a legal issue, and you want to be a recognizable personality that everyone is comfortable with and familiar with. But how do you get there?

In our last article about lawyer celebrity, we discussed how you can improve your local celebrity status through websites and blogs. Today, we’ll look at four more out-of-the-box strategies that you can use to establish yourself.

  • Get involved in your community. If you want to be an attorney celebrity, you want to be the person who is everywhere and knows everyone. This sounds exhausting, but it can be achieved simply by getting involved (and involving your family) in a few choice activities, charities, and events around your community. Not only will you find yourself getting new clients organically for years to come, you’ll also find that getting involved is extremely fun and rewarding.
  • Dive into social networking online. Social media is going local, and Twitter and Facebook are great ways to connect locally with community members. Be vocal about big issues, don’t be afraid to share some information about your personal life, and be consistent with your online activity.
  • Get in the local news. Do you send out press releases? If you don’t, you should. Getting into the local newspaper and on the local news station is one of the best ways to establish a celebrity. Every time a reporter decides to interview you when a legal matter surfaces in the headlines, it’s free advertising, and it’s establishing you as the number one authority in your area.
  • Make Great Video Content. When you go to a law office website, you get an idea of the business, but not the people who work there. That can change by adding lawyer videos to your websites and linking to videos from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Video is a great way to introduce yourself, familiarize visitors with who you are, and establish yourself as a real person with real legal knowledge.
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