Online Lawyer Marketing is Hard! Here’s Why—And What You Can Do

One common mistake some attorneys make when trying to market online is to take ideas from other businesses and companies. While this can be successful in some instances, it is important to understand that marketing a law firm on the Internet is very different than selling other goods and services.Online marketing challenges can be overcome with the right tactics.

  1. Face it. Lawyers get a bad rap. There’s no reason to ignore this tough fact: many people think that attorneys—especially certain types of attorneys, like personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, or divorce lawyers—are bad people, out to steal your money and take advantage of those who don’t know the law. Fighting these stereotypes can feel like banging your head against a wall, but all attorneys are challenged with the task.
  2. How we can advertise is constrained. Depending on the state you practice and your state bar association, you may have some very odd and restricting marketing rules to follow. You may not be able to say that you specialize in a certain practice area—or share information about past case results. Some states do regular website audits or require that you have newsletters approved before you send them. The majority of other businesses don’t have to deal with these ever-changing and limiting rules.
  3. Advertising locally is a challenge online. Most small law firms only take cases in one state or a few states—and many concentrate on one city or region. When you market your firm on the Internet, though, you are trying to find local clients in an international field. Luckily for you, we have developed some strategies to target your ideal client.
  4. The competition is tough. Law schools are churning out thousands of new attorneys each year—and there simply isn’t enough room for everyone. At the same time, it is difficult to differentiate yourself from your competition—and some firms like yours may be spending significantly more on marketing. How can you get your voice heard over all the noise?
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