Learn Four Reasons Your Attorney Blog Isn’t Generating Enough Traffic or Comments

So, you read about all the best online legal marketing strategies and decided to start an attorney blog. But now you’ve been blogging for a while now, and you don’t see how it’s helping. You aren’t getting much new traffic. No one is leaving comments. You don’t think you are building an online community or generating new leads. What gives?

Sadly, starting a lawyer blog is just the first—and the easiest—step toward having a successful, prolific, and vibrant blog that attracts new visitors and clients. The next steps include lots of patience and a bit of hard work. Here’s what you might be doing wrong:

  • You aren’t discussing modern issues. Always look for an interesting, current way to approach “boring” legal topics. If you are a family law attorney, this might mean discussing the latest Hollywood divorce. If you are a car accident attorney, this might mean talking about the controversial new texting law in your state. If you are a bankruptcy lawyer, this might mean talking about the effects of the recent recession. And always ditch the lawyer talk in your blog in favor of a more conversational tone.
  • To Keep Your Blog Active, You Must Write Everyday!You aren’t asking your readers to participate. One of the unique features of the blog format is that it can create a community. But if you don’t foster this community, it probably won’t develop on its own. After blogging about a hot-button issue or current event, be sure to invite your readers to add their two cents in the comments section.
  • You aren’t updating enough. Think about the blogs that you regularly visit on the Internet. How often are there new posts to read? The chances are that the best blogs post 300 to 500-word entries several times a day, and even the slower blogs have a post every day or two. If you want people to visit your blog habitually, you have to post habitually!
  • You aren’t taking the time to link. Linking to and from your blog is key to increasing your traffic and improving your search engine optimization. People should be able to find your blog through reading your other legal articles, and others should find your website after initially entering through your blog. If you write an interesting article, blog about it! If your blog touches on an issue, you haven’t discussed on your website, write an article about it!