You understand the many benefits of adding attorney videos to your online lawyer marketing strategy. You’ve found some great resources to help you write, shoot, and edit your videos. But what if you have no idea what information your videos should impart, or what topics they should cover?

Sometimes, deciding to do something is an important step, but knowing what to do is the harder step. Below, we’ve provided you with a few good ideas for your next batch of attorney videos: 

  • Discuss a current event that has a relevant legal aspect. By starting with a topic that is in the news, you are making your video interesting and pertinent while also giving you the opportunity to integrate popular keywords into you video description. Just be sure that you have time to quickly produce and post your video before the news is stale.
  • Share safety and prevention advice. Show concern for your readers by helping them prevent legal issues in the first place. If you are a car accident attorney, share traffic safety tips. If you are a bankruptcy attorney, share tips about money and saving. If you are a business attorney, try a video about how to closely read a contract.
  • Talk about what makes your law firm unique. One of the number one questions in the minds of potential clients is, “Why is this guy better than the other guy?” Try and answer that question by sharing your unique selling proposition in a short, informative video.
  • Make your video about your clients, not you. The Internet is a lot like a dinner party, people want to talk about themselves, not hear about others. And that’s okay. Instead of focusing on your own education and background, focus on the emotional state of your viewer: they have just been in an accident or they have just been faced with another legal issue. They need help and information.

Still need video ideas? Take a look at your own website. Have you recently posted an article, blog entry, news item, or free guide that is more popular than others? Make a video about that topic.