In the movie The Social Network, the story of Facebook is told, from how it was created to its present day massive success. The film outlines how the website’s popularity exploded in just a short period of time, making its founders rich in the process. People are drawn to Facebook because it allows personal interaction with hundreds of “friends” with just a click of a mouse. Much like the founders of this website, attorneys can capitalize on the success of Facebook by incorporating social networking into their law firm marketing strategies.


Many lawyers already have a Facebook page for their law firm, and if they do not, most know how to create one. The key to maximizing the effectiveness of the page, however, goes beyond merely setting it up. The page must:


  • Be updated on a frequent basis, daily if possible

  • Offer interesting and insightful content

  • Encourage potential clients to tell others about the page


Daily Updates

The updates on a Facebook page, just like any other form of effective attorney marketing, must be frequent and consistent. It takes time to build a relationship with an audience and earn their trust. Being diligent about posts will pay off over time as the audience comes to anticipate these updates. Updates can include the following:


  • Posts on the law firm wall

  • Posts on the wall of potential clients

  • Messages to the audience that “likes” the page, offering interesting information or running a contest

  • Eye-catching and memorable status updates


Content is King

While frequent updating is essential to the effectiveness of a legal marketing plan, the quality of content shared on Facebook is equally as important. This content must be unique and engaging to the potential clients. It should not merely link to the law firm’s website.


Like” This Page

When potential or existing clients view a law firm Facebook page and “like” it, all of the contacts on that individual’s friends list will instantly receive a notification showing a link to the firm’s page. A large number of “likes” also creates a sense of respect and trust within the community. As a result, it is in the firm’s best interest to encourage its target audience to “like” the page. Reaching out after new individuals “like” the page with an exclusive offer could also encourage that individual to share the page with new contacts, resulting in an even larger number of “likes.”


Facebook is a valuable tool for law firm marketing when used properly. Status updates, frequent posts, and regular interaction with the Facebook community are essential to success. For more information on how Facebook can work for you, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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