Turning Any Press into Good Press (Part A)

We all want to be that lawyer who gets their name in the newspapers as being the lead attorney on some high-profile, million-dollar settlement. But we also know that those sorts of victories are few and far between, and most of our cases are more mundane and smaller in scope; definitely not newsworthy.

So the question now becomes: how do we generate press? And what happens if the press we do generate isn't a glowing review of our case results or legal prowess? If you handle things right with your legal marketing, you can turn any press into good lawyer advertising.

How to Generate Press

Getting any kind of press as a lawyer - good or bad - is tough when there are hundreds of lawsuits filed in your district court on any given day. The media typically only likes to report on the juicy cases that draw viewers/readers. They look for stories of dramatic crimes or devastating financial wrongdoings; you're not likely to see a story about Mrs. Smith's lawsuit against the grocery store because she slipped in pickle juice.

When you're looking to generate a buzz from your lawyer advertising, think about what's creating news right now. Your local community has new issues every day that draw interest from residents. It may not be in your practice area directly, but a creative lawyer-entrepreneur can take nearly any news and spin it to their advantage with innovative lawyer advertising.

If your legal marketing plan is to establish your reputation as the "lawyer about town" who's involved in the local goings-on, you should keep an eye on local legislation. If you're a personal injury attorney, new laws about boat dock usage can lend themselves to a great blog post about those laws, and also tie in to water safety to avoid boating injuries.

Remember that potential clients are often using the Internet to search for local news stories. A large part of your legal marketing Internet strategy should feature articles on traffic accidents, local legislation and current events. This form of lawyer advertising can help drive more traffic to your website. It also gives you an opportunity to give your 2-cents on the subject and show your clients you're involved in local affairs, not just legal matters.

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