Educate Clients On Attorney Buying Criteria To Get New Cases

How teaching your clients about the process of hiring a lawyer will position you as an authority.Law marketing is no easy business. Not only is it one of the most competitive markets out there, the majority of techniques you see utilized in mainstream attorney advertising are either so predictable and boring that nobody listens—or so sketchy that it might be harmful to a prospect’s attitude toward lawyers in general.

One of the tragic disconnects in conventional attorney advertising is that:

  • Most of your best prospects have no idea how to find the right attorney for their case.
  • Commonly, attorney advertising is loaded with generalizations and exaggerations that confuse and alienate most of its best prospects.

It’s a waste of your advertising dollars to make another attorney advertising website announcing to the world that you are the best, that you will fight, that you will win or no one has paid a thing. Ads like this don’t address a potential client’s most pressing question: How do I choose the right attorney for my case?

Getting into a Client’s Head

Chances are, most of your prospects share these common traits:

  • They’re in a bad situation and under a tremendous amount of stress.
  • They’ve never needed an attorney before.
  • They have no idea how to choose an attorney.
  • They can’t tell a lawyer who will actually be invested in their specific case from an attorney who is just trying to get as many cases as possible.

Many quality prospects put themselves at risk. They’ll stumble through the selection process, possibly becoming susceptible to unethical advertising that exploits their vulnerability. In the end, these individuals often panic their way into a bad decision. Understanding this dynamic should make it clear how you can help: reach them in time to…

Teach the Buying Criteria

As a form of education-based marketing, teaching a potential client valuable tools on attorney “buying criteria” is also a way to guide them to what your firm has to offer. Using no-cost, no-obligation venues for distributing that information, such as your website’s free education-based marketing library, will help to establish you as an authority on the subject.

Knowing how to choose a lawyer is a unique skill. Teaching a prospect what to look for, what to avoid, and how to take the next step will not only earn you his or her gratitude, it may also earn you the case.

That’s because imparting your knowledge both as an expert in your practice area but as an industry insider willing to volunteer a few trade secrets will guide the potential client into the conclusion that you are the ideal provider for the service they need.

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