Would you believe me if I told you… In 90 DAYS OR LESS, you can CONSISTENTLY Receive Over 250 Calls Per Week from New Prospects and Close Over 83.7% of the People Who Come Into Your Office Asking You to Take Their Case?

How GOOD would it feel to tell your Yellow Page Rep to TAKE A HIKE!!?

Dear Friend,

My name is James Brown. I am a consumer bankruptcy lawyer and have been a member of Ben Glass’ Great Legal Marketing since 2008. I am writing you this note for a personal reason. I truly want to help you change your life. I’ve rarely written notes like this in the past, but I feel that it is essential to bring this to your attention. I want you to give me your undivided attention for the next 5 minutes. It is VITAL to your family’s future, so…

Lock the door . . . grab a cup of coffee . . . unplug the phone . . . and study every single word of this letter…
It’s just that damned important!

Are you tired of struggling to get people to notice you above all other choices they could make to get out of debt?

Do you spend most of your time taking anyone that calls and spending an hour or more with them in a consultation that goes nowhere?

Do you feel like you must compete on price just to get prospects to come see you?

Are all the consumer bankruptcy lawyers in your area saying the same thing?

Is your family tired yet of you working 10-12 hours per day, 6 days per week because “that is what must be done” to compete in a consumer bankruptcy practice?

Are you doing all of this while barely making enough to cover your overhead?

What if I could teach you a step-by-step strategy that will allow you to convey so much value to your potential clients BEFORE they step foot in your office that they would simply come to the conclusion they would have to be stupid to do business with anyone else - REGARDLESS OF PRICE.

Would you be interested if I can show you how to re-invent your practice or launch a new multi-million dollar consumer bankruptcy firm and still make it home for dinner by 4:30 every night so you could be there for all of your kids’ sports and school events? Would your wife hate it if you never worked a weekend again?

What if I could show you a way that you would stand out from the crowd of all other bankruptcy attorneys and become the obvious choice for anyone needing help getting out of debt? Would it be helpful to have a proven system to use and a coaching program in place designed to keep you from having to reinvent the wheel and shave years off the learning curve to design that practice that is different from all others you have come to believe is normal?

If you have answered YES to any one or more of these like I did over 3 years ago when I first joined Ben’s Great Legal Marketing, then you will want to refill your cup of coffee and ask yourself if you have what it takes to step outside the box and be different, think different and do different than everyone else around you. If you do, then I am so excited about what is about to happen in your life.

I'd like to send you, at no obligation, an interview that I did recently. We've recorded it on a CD. I'll also send you some other cool information about the program that Ben Glass and I have put together just for bankruptcy lawyers like you.

There are only a couple of "rules":

1. you must be in a firm of 1-5 attorneys.

2. you must have a website (that's how we'll verify your identity)

3. you must be in the United States

4. you must be a real bankruptcy attorney, not one of these phony baloney debt reduction agencies (even if you have a law license) because we are only interested in working with attorneys who are doing a great job for their clients.

If this interests you and none of the above disqualifies you, just fill out the no obligation/no cost form below, then look for my CD in the mail.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.