How to Write Compelling and Effective Marketing Copy for Your Legal Website

You know a lot is riding on your legal website copy. You need to say the right things to appeal to your target clients—and you have to be sympathetic and smart enough to get them to pick up the phone.

That’s a lot of pressure, and it can make it hard to get started writing content for your legal website. But if you’re still staring at a blank page, wondering where to begin, fear not. Composing quality legal articles and blogs can be boiled down to a simple method: go with the flow.

Creating website content for your law firm website is essential. Here are some simple tips to start writing for your blog.If your copy isn’t readable, if it’s jammed with too many keywords, legal jargon, or statistics, people aren’t going to stay on your page for long. After you write each page, whether it’s a static page for a practice area or a blog post, consider these questions to see whether it flows effectively:

  • How does it sound? You should always reread your content after writing to test how the content flows. Read it out loud: if it feels choppy or starts to wander off topic, make changes to tighten it up.
  • Is it in the right order? Our brains are wired to start with big chunks of information and break it up into smaller pieces. You should always start with the most important information and tie in additional details.
  • Does it progress correctly? Your messages should build on one another, working toward a logical conclusion (such as contacting you for more information).
  • Did you close effectively? A good conclusion should give the reader peace of mind and a way to become more informed. Ideally, this includes a call to action and a link to one of your free promotional materials.
  • Where are you going to put it? You don’t want this great article floating solitary in cyberspace. For the most effective search engine optimization, create a link to the article back to a related practice area page, making sure that the content complements one another.

Now that your content is tight, you’ve got a good foothold in converting your readers into clients.

Ben Glass
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