Make yourself the expert by writing a book for your law firm.It’s incredibly difficult to set yourself apart from the thousands of other law firms on the Internet. Even if a potential client searches for a practice area and a specific location, he could get hundreds of answers from across the country and might settle for the first law firm he comes across when he finally finds one that matches his criteria.

Many law firms stick to the script in marketing strategies, putting pictures of eagles and gavels next to cross-armed lawyers saying, “We’ll fight for YOU,” or something along those lines. It’s hard to stick out in that field without putting together a marketing campaign that might take a firm out of its comfort zone. Free consultations don’t really make a difference either, because everyone does that, and no one wants to have their time wasted on either side of the desk.

Writing a book can be one of the best moves for a successful marketing strategy. A lawyer spends years going through law school and probably years working at his practice before running a firm of his own, and in those years, he comes across enough information to put together a book. With a little extra effort and someone to edit it all together, a book actually isn’t that difficult to get out there. Take the information you’ve been working with for years, put it in your own words, and you’ve got a book.

Potential clients are looking for answers to a problem. When you put out an ad that basically says, “We’ll talk to you for free,” you’re not offering the people what they want. But if your ad says you have a free book with the answers to their questions, you’ll have them hooked. After they order your book, you’ll have their contact information and their area of interest, and you can keep them posted on the latest news in that area. When they do make the call to a lawyer, you’ll be the area expert at the top of their list.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.