Killing “Me Too”: Create Appeal By Differentiating Your Small Law Firm

You’re at a conference three time zones away from home. At dinner, an associate asks if you could read over an article that she’s writing. You don’t have a flash drive, so after dinner you stop by the nearest outlet of an office supply superstore.


Not only do you already know the store will have your preferred brand, but you walk to the display without a second thought. At the register, the clerk checks your driver’s license and comments that you’d come a long way. For a split second, you’re confused: you’d forgotten that this wasn’t the outlet right up the street from your practice.


The reasons cookie-cutter marketing works for big-box retail stores are the same reasons it won’t work for your law firm. The clients you want are looking for a long-term solution to a major problem they are having, not running to the corner store for a cheap bottle of shampoo.


Successfully highlighting what makes you unique will not only make a client want the services you offer, but want YOU, specifically, to provide those services.


However, if attorney differentiation marketing weren’t such a tricky business, there wouldn’t be so much “me too” advertising in the legal community. Figuring out what makes your practice different will involve some soul searching, and it may lead to changing the way you operate on some level. Ask yourself:

  • What are the specific needs of the market in my practice area?
  • What, exactly, do I offer my local market right now?
  • What can I offer that prospects aren’t likely to find elsewhere?
  • What sort of edge might my clients get from my specific background, interests, or training?


Instead of telling the marketplace the same easily skimmed generalizations about how hard you’ll fight and how often you win, you’re giving your prospects something to focus on: something that will stand out in their minds.


Look at it this way: it may initially be more difficult building marketing materials with this approach, but it means you’ve already answered that universal first question: “Why should I choose you?”


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