The Principles of Great Lawyer Marketing (Part A)

Stop right now and take a look at your own lawyer marketing plan. You probably have a website, a print ad somewhere, stacks of brochures and business cards...all probably developed with old photos and dated information. If you're a bit more into the game, you may have a Facebook page, a couple of YouTube video segments, and hopefully your own blog.

Looking At the Big Picture

When you've decided that your lawyer marketing plan just isn't doing enough for you, this is the article to come back to. You need to start off by looking at the big picture - all the pieces of the puzzle that is your lawyer marketing plan. I've said before that there's no one magic strategy that gets your ideal clients beating down your doors, but there are a series of marketing strategies that together can make all the difference.

I've found 12 points that need to be addressed for a truly successful lawyer marketing plan:

  • #1 - There is no "Easy Button." Come to terms with the fact that good, effective lawyer marketing is complex.
  • #2 - YOU decide on the ideal clients  you want to serve in your practice.
  • #3 - A good database that automates your marketing efforts is a must.
  • #4 - Grow and cultivate your "herd" of raving fans.
  • #5 - A good plan has consistent communication 12 to 26 times per year, usually through an interesting, MAILED newsletter.
  • #6 - Pay attention to your "inbound media" - people are looking for you on the Internet; help them find you.
  • #7 - Understand what search engine optimization is for your Web content and how it drives clients to your website.
  • #8 - Make sure everything you publish - articles, blogs, newsletters, etc. - attracts attention and compels your potential clients to act on your words.
  • #9 - In your writing and materials, give them a taste of what they want, then make an irresistible offer to make them jump up and ask for more.
  • #10 - Establish yourself amongst your ideal clients as the wise man/woman of the legal world.
  • #11 - Be relentless in your follow-up.
  • #12 - Continue to grow and cultivate your "herd" on a regular basis.  

Now, let's keep talking about the BIG PICTURE of your lawyer marketing plan.

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