Avoid Three Mistakes and Create Great Legal Marketing Newsletters

You’ve made the decision to use one of the great legal marketing ideas and send a newsletter to your database of contacts. You recognize the value in staying in touch and getting your name out there. You are ready to get going, but is there anything to avoid? Is there anything that could sabotage your own efforts and make your law firm newsletter fail to have the intended effect? Unfortunately the answer is yes, and it is as important to understand the “don’ts” of law firm newsletters as it is to understand the “dos.”

Three Things to Avoid in Your Law Firm Newsletter

Some of the common mistakes we see in law firm newsletters include:

  • Boring Content. If you put out the same newsletter as every other personal injury lawyer in town then yours either won’t get read or won’t be remembered. Similarly, if your newsletter is all lengthy columns, then you are unlikely to get people interested enough to read it through. Instead, consider some more exciting topics, different ways of addressing common topics, and different formats such as frequently asked questions, quick tips, and more.
  • Too Much Law. Any lawyer could send out a newsletter about new developments in bankruptcy law, but not every lawyer has recently finished a marathon, written a book, had a baby, or volunteered for a great cause. Include your personal and professional accomplishments in your lawyer newsletter to make it more personal and interesting.
  • Writing great for a courtroom or other attorneys but wrong for a newsletter. You can have great content in your newsletter, but if nobody understands it, then it is pointless. Style counts. Remember that you are writing for a non-attorney who is going to quickly judge whether reading your newsletter is worth his time.

Learn More Great Legal Marketing Tips

Now that you know what not to do in your attorney marketing newsletter, it is time to find out more about what to put in your newsletter. Please browse the resources available on our website and contact us at 703.591.9829 to learn more.

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