Your Law Firm’s TV Ad May Be Costly, So You’ve Got to Make It Count

Once your marketing has gotten off the ground, you may be thinking of making a television ad for a local channel. The goal is to start small and eventually build into a household name, expanding your customer base with the reach of the network. But you know that even if your customers watch your ad, seeing your face and picking up the phone are light years away from each other. How can you be sure to close that gap?

Television ads can be an integral part of your innovative legal marketing campaign, as long as you realize that it’s not enough just to have them—it’s what you do with them that counts. Your other media—your website, social media accounts, or radio ads—are all laser-focused on getting your customer to contact you, and your TV ads should be no different.

Before you step into the studio to record your ad, you must:

  • Study the competition. All good marketing starts with a little research. Watch a few of your competitors’ ads. What term do they use? What are they asking customers to do? How are they offering to help?
  • Stand out. You can’t convert listeners to clients if you don’t have their attention. Make sure your ads look, feel, and sound different from typical attorney commercials.
  • Change the message. The public tends to “tune out” ads that are boring or predictable. By making your ad about your free offer, you’re changing the ending of the typical ad—pleasantly surprising your customers.
  • Set up a trackable link. You’re not going to know if your ad worked (and if buying more is a wise idea) unless you know how many people responded to it. You need to purchase a unique URL that points to a specialized landing page, or a trackable phone number that can be used solely for this TV spot.
  • Have a follow-up system in place. It’s astounding how many lawyers are unprepared for the clients they convinced to call them. You better have your customer service and marketing teams at the ready when your ad airs, or potential clients may slip through your fingers.

How Can You Know If Your Law Firm's T.V. Ad is Performing?

How effective are TV ads for solo and small firm attorneys?The difference between a good television marketing strategy and a bad one is tracking. It would be easy if every person who called declared, "I saw you on T.V.!" You need to have a good system in place for tracking your advertisements before you launch any marketing campaign. Tracking your ROI should be a key consideration when setting up a T.V. ad. You will need to arrange with your intake staff to ask every caller where they learned about your law firm. Beyond that, you need to have a system for tracking your online metrics using Google Analytics, call tracking, or by using other sources of data. Don't just send people to your homepage, send them to a unique landing page that had a lead generation feature. Once your T.V. marketing campaign is complete, you can assess if it was successful or not.

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