Testimonials and Highlights from a Ben Glass Great Legal Marketing Conference and Seminar

What the Attendees Had to Say During and After our Marketing Conference

Hi, this is Rem Jackson and I'm here at the Great Legal Marketing Conference in Chicago. We call this the No Smart Lawyer Left Behind Rescue Mission and we're just thrilled because we've got about 100 attorneys here who have never been to one of Ben Glass' events. We spent the whole day just working together to understand what good marketing looks like and how successful people think. It's been exciting and we're just having a, a wonderful time and I encourage you if you ever have an opportunity to come to one of our conferences you go to
www.greatlegalmarketing.com and find out more because this is where great legal marketing begins.

Hi, I'm Sharon Doyle. I'm from Chicago, Illinois. This is the second time we've come. I joined my husband's firm doing his operations and marketing and we just are here for kind of a refresher, um, to get excited again, get some new ideas for 2011. I think our biggest marketing challenge is right now time and money is, you come away and you're really inspired and it's putting it into action so it's having the follow up and knowing what to do when you come out of here with all the good ideas that you get from, um, Ben and Rem and Tom.

We're going to go ahead and we're going to do the newsletter program because it is just, it's too much for us to do it and it takes up too much time and it, it's just going to be easier to hand it off to somebody else. Biggest marketing challenge right now is deciding how to change with the times. We're very committed to the Yellow Pages and finding that is dying. So our biggest challenge is to figure out where we go from here. My biggest marketing challenge was really, uh, getting a, uh, web site format in to play basically and with, uh, the Tom Foster web marketing allowed me to take control of that by, uh, essentially updating it on a regular basis my own web site and so that was something that was a challenge before and now is, uh, liberation. Create more video.

Had a great start with Jim, Jim ran the camera here but, uh, a little bit more video content either through Gearshift studios or on my own. I've already had a little bit of the, uh, video beforehand but with, uh, Jim's lead and, uh, production it was really, it's really, uh, a great benefit to have his guidance and Gearshift Studios behind, uh, the videos that have already been produced and maybe some, some that I'll do in the future.

I  would say newsletters would be the next, uh, thing I want to kind of enhance and get a little bit more frequent on. We're only doing a quarterly newsletter right now but I think a monthly at least is probably something that would be really beneficial and something that we'd want to jump on so and that was, that was pointed out really, uh, quite, quite in detail today so, yeah absolutely. There's so much information.

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