Great Legal Marketing Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime on Marketing

Money paid for law firm advertising is money well spent — if it produces the results that you want. You won’t regret your marketing investment when the cases and clients that you want are continually coming to your law firm. However, every dollar that you spend on advertising that does not get you your intended results is money wasted. 

How do you know if your legal marketing plan is going to work, or if your marketing investment is worth the expense? Below, Great Legal Marketing consultants share three questions you should ask — and the answers that you should expect — before you spend a dime on advertising.

Questions to Ask Before Paying for a Marketing Plan

Before you begin implementing your small law firm marketing plan, your legal marketing consultant should be able to answer the following questions for you:
  • What happens if the marketing plan is successful? How will names, addresses and emails be collected for our database? How will we reach out to people who have a case?
  • How can we convince people that we are the right attorneys for the job without being like everyone else, or violating state bar ethical regulations? It may seem like an impossible balance to achieve, but there is a way to be unique, exciting, and ethical in your law firm marketing practices.
  • How can we educate potential clients and manage their expectations? Think about the questions clients have and how you can answer them in a helpful way without promising them results that you may not be able to achieve.

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