Great Legal Marketing Explains Why Grouping Keywords is Essential

In order to get the best return on investment from a pay per click campaign, choosing the correct keywords is essential. An important factor in choosing keywords is the aspect of grouping. Grouping keywords improves attorney marketing by producing more targeted results for the law firm. Below is an overview of how keyword grouping works.

Keyword grouping works by combining similar keywords together within the same ad group. An ad group contains a set of keywords and the advertisement text that is associated with those keywords. This is done because all keywords in the same ad group share the same ads. In order to be successful, keyword groups should be tightly themed. An example of a tightly themed keyword group for a DUI attorney would be the following:
  • DUI attorney Virginia
  • Virginia DUI attorney
  • Top DUI attorney Virginia

The benefits of keyword grouping include:
  • Saving the law firm time, since the lawyer will not have to write a dedicated legal advertisement for every individual keyword. Instead, a single advertisement will apply to all of the phrases within the keyword group.
  • Preventing you from having largely repetitive content for keywords.
  • Producing content that sounds more natural, and therefore is more appealing to clients. This is because the same themes are not being repeated for multiple keywords.
  • Targeting long-tail traffic because you are writing lawyer advertising for a group of words rather than one specific keyword.

Keyword grouping is a win on all levels, because it not only produces better pay per click results, it also improves the efficiency of the attorney. Since the lawyer is not spending time writing as much advertising content, the return on investment is higher.

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