Grow and Cultivate Your “Herd” of Raving Fans (Part A)

Apple, Amazon, Google, Harley Davidson....what do these guys have in common, besides being phenomenally successful multi-billion dollar enterprises? In a nutshell: brand loyalty.

We all probably know someone who is an Apple fan. You know the guy-or maybe you are the guy-who is so crazy about all things Apple that he even has the little Apple sticker on the back window of his Prius. Any time he needs a new computer, it's the latest iMac or MacBook and he probably orders it while using his iPhone or iPad.

This Apple customer would never even think of purchasing another PC. For him, other PCs don't factor into the equation. It's like they don't even exist. The ads for Dell and HP could be bombarding him all day long and never come close to making an impact. That's because he's an Apple guy through and through and the competition isn't going to crack that shell, no matter how hard they try or how enticing the offer.

Developing a Brand and Growing a Herd

Wouldn't it be nice if you could command that type of loyalty and respect in your community or your industry?
Don't you want to know what it's like to have a flock of customers that only have eyes for you? And wouldn't it be great if those loyal, raving fans were eager and willing to tell other people about how indispensible you are? Go ahead; ask that Apple guy to tell you about his new iPad. See how great of a marketing tool your fans can be? That's what you need to achieve.

A few years ago, people referred to this type of consumer loyalty as brand cultism. I like to think of it more as cultivating and growing your herd of raving fans. You don't need to "trick" people into blindly following you. It's not about that. The idea is to show people-your future clients/your herd-why YOU are the authority that is most qualified to answer their questions, whether you're a lawyer or an optometrist. 

Trust and respect. Those are the qualities that lay the groundwork for growing this indispensible fan-base - your herd of raving fans. You need to get people to develop tunnel vision and you are the only brand that they can see.

If your herd is looking more like a handful, there is no excuse for wasting your time and money on traditional legal marketing strategies that do nothing to build trust and respect or a loyal brand following. My book, Great Legal Marketing, gives you the tools you need to go from lone wolf to leader of the pack.

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