5 Questions to Ask a Legal Marketing Consultant

Not all professionals are the same. As a lawyer, you know that the results of a case may be significantly impacted by the skill, experience, and interest of the lawyer working on the case. The same is true for a legal marketing consultant. Not all legal marketing consultants are the same and the results that you get from a legal marketing consultant may be largely dependent on the skill, experience, and interest of the consultant whom you hire.

Actually, the differences among attorney marketing consultants may be even greater than the differences among attorneys. Marketing consultants are not required to have any specific education background or to pass any standard test before holding themselves out as legal marketing specialists. At least you know a lawyer has gone to law school and passed the bar exam!

How to Make Sure You are Working with the Right Law Firm Marketing Consultant for You

The lack of required education, training, and proven skills can make it difficult to know which legal marketing consultant is right for you. Below are some questions we encourage you to ask before you hire a marketing consultant for your law firm:

  • How long have you been a legal marketing consultant?
  • What qualifies you to be a marketing consultant for law firms?
  • Can you provide examples of your work?
  • What results have other law firms seen as a result of your work?
  • What unique ideas do you have? Why should I hire you and not someone else?

How to Contact a Great Legal Marketing Consultant

The questions we describe above can be answered by reviewing the FREE resources on our website, reading our Great Legal Marketing book, and contacting an experienced, qualified and unique legal marketing consultant who can help you make the changes you want for your law firm. Please call 703.591.9829 today to learn more.

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