People Shop for Lawyers the Same Way They Shop for a Car

You might be forgiven for believing that most people “shop” for lawyers much differently than they shop for cars—after all, lawyers are real, live people, while cars are hunks of steel churned out in factories. The fact is, though, that as far as your marketing efforts are concerned, the two processes are very similar—and you can learn a thing or two from how car companies advertise to prospective customers.

Think About This: How Do You Go About Buying a Car?

Not convinced? Well, think back to the last time you were in the market for a new car or SUV. You didn't just suddenly decide that you needed a new vehicle and went out the same day and bought one. The process probably went something like this:

  • You started casually thinking about getting rid of your old clunker, and buying yourself something new.
  • That thought started to grow in your head, and you started to research cars on the internet or talk to friends about the vehicles they owned.
  • People shop for lawyers the way they shop for cars.As your research piled up, you probably began to focus on one or two likely car brands, let's say a Honda or a Toyota.
  • You suddenly began to “see” Hondas and Toyotas on the road, when previously you didn't pay much attention to other cars.
  • You began to pay attention to Honda and Toyota TV commercials. Of course, these ads had always been running, but now they had your full attention.
  • You went out and bought yourself a Honda, having concluded that that make of car was designed “just for you.”

What happened? Well, all of that money Honda spent on advertising and promotion did its job: when you were in the market for a car, that “Honda” seed was planted in your head and began to sprout!

Ben Glass
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