Get Seasonal with Your Legal Marketing (Part B)

‘Tis the Season to Target Your Message

Most clients will expect a holiday-themed card or newsletter around the winter months, and that's how many lawyers have been doing their legal marketing for years. How would you like to be the one who takes the holiday seasonal lawyer advertising to the next level?

Instead of just adding some holiday graphics to your newsletter, why not try adding some holiday content as well?
Winter in the northern states means an increase in slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and other bad weather issues. Including holiday safety tips, blogging about increases in local law enforcement for holiday traffic, or even a spotlight on your office's holiday traditions are all great, fresh content ideas for your legal marketing.

Seasonal Lawyer Advertising Shows You Care

If you take the time and effort to switch things up in your legal marketing efforts, clients will take notice. There's an odd mix of repetition and change that comes into play here. On the one hand, repetition builds recognition - clients will remember seeing your ads in certain places. Once you build that recognition, switching gears to seasonal lawyer advertising tends to draw even more attention because something's different.

Take for example a billboard you pass every day on your way to work. You pass it so often that for a while you know exactly what it is, but eventually it becomes so common it blends in with the rest of the roadside scenery. Now, when time comes to change it, suddenly it catches your eye again. This pretty much holds true for all ads, not just seasonal lawyer advertising. If things get stale and blend in, change them up.

By updating your legal marketing content to become seasonal lawyer advertising you show your clients you care about your practice enough to put in that little extra effort. Especially if you develop your seasonal content around helping them be prosperous and safe in their own interests, clients will take notice that you're relevant to what's going on in their world.

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