Stop the Blame Game: How to Fix Your Law Firm’s Marketing Failures

Know who to blame when your marketing fails.You probably know someone who only sees the glass as half-empty. The weather is always too hot or too cold, they don’t have enough free time—and when their legal marketing campaign fails, it’s always someone else’s fault.

If you can’t stand spending time with this person, why would you want to make the same mistakes they do?

In order to build a successful law firm marketing strategy, you should be able to “pick the brains” of those who have been there before—people who have had the same problems and challenges, and were able to overcome them rather than be defeated by them. However, you shouldn’t see just anyone as a mentor—you should be selective (and critical) of the older and wiser marketing mavens.

When you see people who are successful:

  • DON’T assume they had it easy. Too often, struggling businesses will blame the economy, the competition, even their own staff rather than take steps to fix the problem. Stop blaming—start doing.
  • DO ask them for advice. Your mentor doesn’t have to be another attorney. Maybe there’s an ice cream parlor in your town that’s been in business for fifty years and always has a line out the door. Don’t be afraid to chat with the owner about the ups and downs of business over the years. Why does he think he has been so successful?
  • DO follow good leads. If you’re starting to struggle for new clients, it’s hard not to feel like there’s something you don’t know. If your mentor mentions a strategy you’ve never heard of, ask him how he discovered it. Chances are there will be another whole vein of strategy out there you can use in your own practice.
  • DON’T commiserate with naysayers. Always hang out with positive influences. People who have a good outlook on life, their occupations and about themselves will inspire you.
  • DO take stock. Every now and then, look around to compare your strategy to what everybody else is doing. If you seem like just another name on the page, it’s time to shake things up.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.