How Successful Law Firms Answer the Phone

The phone rings...

What happens next in your practice?

Is it quickly picked up and answered politely and positively? Or does it ring for a bit until someone begrudgingly swipes it from its resting place and utters a terse "Hello" into it?

The sad fact is that most law firms are closer to the latter option. "The Phones" as a topic is not given enough attention in most law practices. There may be some generalities discussed, such as "be polite" or "make sure you get their name," but this lackadaisical attitude is not only flippant but downright dangerous.

Your phones are your first line of real communication with a potential client 95-100% of the time. People make serious decisions based on how they are treated by the receptionists. For the caller, how your phones are answered is an indicator as to what the entire experience would be like if they hired your firm to handle their legal matter.

Create a winning experience and you will reap the rewards.

Let the phones slide into an afterthought and you will suffer the consequences.

Watch the Video Below to Learn More About Improving How Your Phones Are Answered

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