Millions of people around the world write blog posts every day, most of them dealing with current news events or simply what they've been up to that day. As a lawyer, you want your blog to tie directly into your practice, and your ultimate goal is to attract click-throughs, phone calls and email from potential clients interested in your services. How do you write an engaging and efficient lawyer marketing blog without spending hours every day at your computer?

Writing Your Blog Doesn't Have to Be a Labor-Intensive Process

You're a busy lawyer, and you want to devote as few billable hours to your blog as possible. Here are five steps that will make the blog-writing process a lot easier:

  1. Scan the daily headlines (from real or online newspapers, or legal or general-interest websites) for a topic of interest that you can take a stand on. Don't be afraid to be controversial!
  2. Write your blog, striving for 1,000 words. With a little practice and concentration, you should be able to do this in as little as fifteen minutes.
  3. Be sure to include clickable internal links to other content on your website. The phrase “car accident,” for example, can link to the page describing your personal injury practice.
  4. Enable the “comment” function on the blog, and invite readers to post comments (“What do you think? Post your opinion below!”) Readers love to feel involved!
  5. Sign yourself up for various “virtual assistants” that can feed potential news items into your inbox. For example, Google will send you a daily list of news articles about a particular search string.How to write an effective legal blog.

An Efficiently Written Blog Can Help Attract New Clients

If you handle your blog right, you'll find that it can be a powerful “magnet” for potential clients, who are interested in hearing what you have to say, eager to learn more by clicking on other pages of your site, and willing to express their own opinions by leaving comments.

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