The Four Goals of Your Multimedia Legal Marketing Campaign

After they’ve set up a website and paid hundred of dollars for ads in newspapers, many attorneys may wonder why they still haven’t seen a change in their caseload. They’re still struggling to find free time, even though their client list hasn’t grown in weeks—and worst of all, their marketing requires many more hours of their attention.

What are they doing wrong? They didn’t implement a legal marketing system that works on its own. A good multi-step, multi-media marketing system should accomplish these four goals:

  1. Differentiate you from the competition. Plenty of lawyers already rely on the industry standard, two-step marketing approach: buying and ad and offering a free consultation. Your marketing must do more than that, offer more than that, in order to bring in business.
  2. Establish your credibility. With each new article you publish on your site, you help establish yourself as the wise man or wise woman at the top of the mountain. Other attorneys say they have the knowledge to fight for their clients; you are showing your customers that you really do.
  3. Ward off the clients you don’t want. Your marketing should make it clear which type of case you take and focus solely on those clients. This way, you are clearly communicating that your practice is based on this type of case—and since all of your resources are focused on that goal, customers who do not fit that mold are free to look elsewhere.
  4. What should be the four goals of your legal marketing campaign?Increase the transaction value of each client. Taking only the cases you want allows you to reduce your caseload, giving you more one-on-one attention to each client (helping your reputation), more free time (helping your health and family), and more profit (helping your business).

Remember: the overall purpose of your marketing is to generate customers while you are doing other things. If you are devoting hours of your time to keeping your marketing afloat, you may need to rethink your advertising campaign.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.