Are You Delivering the Right Message?

Choosing a lawyer is typically an emotional decision for consumers.  They want to feel comfortable with their attorney, especially if they are dealing with an injury, divorce, bankruptcy or other personal issue.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you are delivering the right message in your advertisements and website. 

What is the wrong message?
Before getting into the details of what makes a good lawyer marketing message, let’s first take a look at what doesn’t work.  If you revolve your ads and website around how great of a lawyer you are, don’t expect great results.  For example, if your ad starts out “Our lawyers have 100 years of combined experience...” you are just wasting space. 

The same rule applies if you begin by talking about where you went to law school, how you received some award that the average person has never heard of or the fact that you have been practicing law for 50 years.  That is not what people care about in the initial search for a lawyer.  They only want to know if you have the solutions to their problems. 

What is the right message?

The right marketing message is one that immediately speaks to the conversation going through someone’s mind.  It is an ad or website that shows that you are empathetic to what the person is going through and that you truly understand the difficulty of his or her situation.  The right message is also clear and easy-to-understand, not to mention helpful.  Basically, you want to show your prospects that you care and that you can provide the guidance they need.

If you are a personal injury lawyer, center your ads on the common issues that accident victims face.  The insurance adjuster is probably calling, they don’t know how to pay their medical bills and they’re unsure if they should settle.  If you are a divorce lawyer, you know that there are most likely concerns over alimony, child support and the division of property.  These are the types of things that you can address in your message, so that you are able to show that you care and have the expertise needed.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.