Using Legal Marketing Methods to Draw Attention (Part B)

Grabbing Their Attention When They Least Expect It

There's a certain element of surprise you can capitalize on when planning your legal marketing strategy. Some of the most memorable advertisements are ones that appear in the most unlikely of places. The older generations may remember the old (successful) Burma Shave roadside advertisements of rhyming poems shown line for line on a series of small roadside signs. They were advertising for shaving cream on highway roads, not drugstores or men's magazines and people noticed these ads and still remember them today.

One of the best tools in your legal marketing arsenal is the remembrance of your name.
Lawyers aren't exactly something everyone has in their Rolodex; most clients don't have a lawyer until they need one. You should be focusing your lawyer advertising methods on creating name recognition so that when the time comes that they DO need your legal services, yours is the first name that comes to mind.

Don't Be Afraid to Market Outside the Box

Clients are going to expect to find lawyers advertising in the Yellow Pages and in the online lawyer directories. It's easy for your lawyer advertising to get lost in these jungles of legal marketing because so many attorneys still rely on them as their principal source of advertising. It's OK to be different in your legal marketing methods.

How would you like to be the ONLY lawyer advertising that appears in a venue? Get creative and niche your legal marketing to places that your clients frequent but wouldn't expect to find your information. If you specialize in auto accidents, make friends with a local chiropractor and be sure a few copies of your newsletter end up on their waiting room magazine rack. If they've got clients who've been seriously injured in a crash and need expensive medical treatments, they've got a potential personal injury claim client for you.

If you're an elder law attorney you need to know the senior hot spots, like recreation or community centers, popular restaurants and medical centers. Your business cards, newsletters and any other sort of legal marketing materials should be able to find a home here. Your goal here is to establish your name so they can only think of you when they need legal assistance.

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