How to Get Personal Injury Clients with Three Tips for a Great Law Firm Marketing Campaign

You’ve made the decision. You enjoy the practice of law and you enjoy being in business for yourself, but the hours are killing you and you aren’t making nearly enough money to compensate you for the work that you do.

It is time for a change. It is time to learn how to get personal injury clients that you want for your law firm with the help of a complex and well-designed legal marketing plan. Yet before we talk about the specific attorney marketing strategies that you can use, it is important to understand the guiding principles of your personal injury law firm marketing campaign.

Three Principles That Should be Part of Every Aspect of Your Law Firm Marketing Campaign

Whether you are advertising on the Internet, radio, television, or in print, all of your marketing efforts should be:
  • Focused: You need to identify your target client and focus your advertising efforts on gaining that person’s attention and trust. Your ideal client is not anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer in your state. Instead, think about the specific types of cases you want to handle (e.g. medical malpractice, truck accidents, workplace accidents) and the specific type of client with whom you want to work (e.g. middle-aged, within a 25 mile radius, people in certain industries or with certain illnesses).
  • Consistent: Once you have focused in on your ideal client, all of your marketing efforts should be tailored toward that type of client.
  • Diversified: While you want to be focused in whom you are contacting and consistent in the message you market, you want diversity in how you get that message across. Your marketing plan should be complex and include several different media.

Learn More About How to Get Personal Injury Clients for Your Small Law Firm

If you are ready to make the change for your personal injury law firm, marketing consultants can help you achieve the results you desire. For more information, please visit us on Great Legal Marketing TV and please call us directly at 703.591.9829.
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