How to Get Personal Injury Clients by Showcasing Your Personality and Free Offers

Do you often recover high settlements for your personal injury clients? Are you known as an aggressive litigator who effectively persuades juries? Are you often invited to speak at continuing legal education courses or conferences? Does your track record over the past two decades speak for itself?

You might think our legal marketing consultants are asking these questions to help you develop your personal injury lawyer marketing campaign. While your accomplishments are important, they are not our primary concern when we are trying to develop your legal marketing campaign. Instead, we want to help you learn how to get personal injury clients based on what works.

Two Things You Can Offer Clients That Are Often Overlooked
  • Personality. Clients want to hire a real human being. Let your personality shine through your advertising. Let people know they are hiring a real person, and not just a cookie-cutter attorney who is easily interchangeable with the lawyer down the street. You can reflect your personality both in your writing style and by highlighting some of your interests, such as athletics or charities.
  • Something of interest to injured victims or their families. People who have been hurt — and those who love them — are concerned about their own recoveries. They want to know what to do. They want their questions answered. This is not about you. It is about them. Thus, a free report, book, video, guide, checklist, or other work that you make available to help them will go a long way to establishing a connection. When they are ready to hire a lawyer, it is likely the one who provided them something valuable for free that they will turn to for representation.

Learn More About How to Get Personal Injury Clients for Your Small Law Firm
To learn more about achieving your goal of getting more, and getting the right, personal injury clients for your firm, please read a free chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book. We also invite small personal injury law firms with five or fewer attorneys to call us directly at 703.591.9829 to discuss their small law firm marketing needs.
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