How to Get Personal Injury Clients Without Free Consultations for All

It may seem counterintuitive, but our legal marketing consultants do not want you to encourage everyone who visits your website to contact you for a free consultation. In fact, we want you to discourage some people from contacting your firm. Are you confused as to how to get personal injury clients with this type of advertising? 

3 Reasons Why the Wrong Free Consultations Can be a Big Waste of Time

Personal injury clients offer free consultations, and we are not discouraging you from offering free consultations to the right clients. However, we do believe that offering free consultations to the wrong clients, or clients that you have no interest in representing, is a waste of your time because:

  • It takes valuable time away from other activities. Taking phone calls and setting up meetings for cases that you don’t want to handle wastes the valuable time of your office staff. Then, the meeting takes place and wastes your time. To what end? Both your time, and that of your staff, could’ve been better spent on existing clients, marketing, or meeting with clients about cases that you want to handle.
  • You may be persuaded to take a case that you don’t want. The personal injury victim may be compelling and you may be convinced to represent that victim even though it is not the type of case that you want to handle.
  • You may be meeting with someone to be polite, but to no end for either one of you. In other words, you know from the outset that you don’t want to take a soft tissue injury case, yet you agree to meet with someone who suffered whiplash in an accident. You have wasted not only your time in having the meeting, but the car accident victim’s time that would be better spent with an attorney who wants the case.

Want to Learn How to Get Personal Injury Clients You Want to Represent?

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