Grow and Cultivate Your “Herd” of Raving Fans (Part B)

Why do I need a herd of fans?

Developing and growing your herd of fans is about more than just inflating your ego. Sure, Apple CEO Steve Jobs probably feels pretty great that millions of people are so loyal to his brand that some of them will even wait in long lines during all types of crazy weather just for the chance to spend money on his latest product, but there's way more to it than a confidence boost.

Companies that have a herd of fans with brand loyalty have the security of knowing that their product-whether it's computer equipment, a search engine or personal injury law-is always going to be the first to come to those people's minds
whenever the need arises for that particular good or service.

Better yet? Loyal fans tend to like to talk about "their" brands. Ask a Starbucks junkie who they think has the best coffee and why, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Next, say something negative about that coffee and you'll quickly see another reason why your herd is so important; they want to stand up for you!

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

If your herd tells their friends and family about how great you are, and then those friends and family tell their neighbors and someone they meet at a dinner party about you, your herd is going to grow. Word-of-mouth, whether it spreads via face-to-face contact or through a Facebook post or Twitter tweet, is a powerful marketing tool. And better yet; it's free.

By using my proven methods for growing and maintaining your herd of loyal fans, you'll be one step closer to seeing a reduction in your annual marketing and advertising costs
. How great would that be, to have your clients working for you, while you're working for your clients?!

How do you set yourself apart enough to cultivate this herd of loyal fans? After all, it takes a special "brand" (or entrepreneur) to really hit it out of the park like that and not everyone is going to rise to the top of the heap.  

You can be that "brand" with a loyal herd of raving fans, and I want to show you how
. But it's not something that will happen through inertia. If you're not interested in taking the steps necessary to get the ball rolling, I can't help you.

If you aren't inclined to invest the time and mental energy into growing your fan-base by learning and implementing the life-changing strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, at least you won't have to worry about ever having too much time and money on your hands

There are a thousand excuses in the world for not achieving one's full potential for success, and I've probably heard at least 999 of them. Stop stressing out over your life and take action! A lot of marketers will try to sell you on the importance of brand identity, but in the end, all they'll give you is an empty promise, or a worthless catchphrase and jingle.

The strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, cut through the fluff and give you the real nuts and bolts that you need to become a successful entrepreneur! Contact Great Legal Marketing today to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works. - (703) 591-9829

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