A “Free” Offer is the Most Effective Low-Pressure Sale…If You Do It Right

At Great Legal Marketing events, we talk about free offers that can generate leads for your firm. We're not talking about "free consultations" or so-called "case evaluations." Those types of offers are so bland that leads immediately forget your law firm. That is because marketing is all about the "wow" factor. When every firm on the block offers a free consultation. You don't stand out.

So what makes a good "free" offer? There is an art to creating offers that will convert your potential clients. The legal industry standards are by definition, average. If your offer is average, it won't bring in new clients.

So what is the magic formula for crafting a free offer?

  1. Get the attention of potential clients with a one of a kind offer.Make something unique. Your free offer needs to be new, exciting, and unique... but it only needs to be unique to your local area. A good rule, if your competitors are doing something, either do it better or do something completely different!
  2. Establish yourself as the authority. Publishing a book is nothing new for law firm marketing. It remains one of the most effective marketing tactics of solo and small firm attorneys. The key is writing something compelling. Don't just write about car accident cases, write about what is unique about car accident cases in your state.
  3. Don't be lazy. Sorry to say, but "free consultations" are born from laziness. It is an easy, safe offer that requires minimal effort and thought. You will need to put some work into your free offer to make it attract clients.
  4. Make it personal. The most interesting thing about you isn't that you have a law degree. People love personality. Charles Boyk, a longtime Great Legal Marketing Member, wrote his book about his son's injury. This book is very personal, and it connects with his potential clients beyond the traditional "lawyer story." If you have a personal story or passion, that can help you convert potential clients to your free offer.
  5. Don't let a good idea go. Free offers that bring in clients typically start with a radical idea. Many small law firms have free events, such as a "Girls Night Out" for women going through a divorce. It would be easy to say such an idea is too difficult, risky, and unlikely to bring in clients. Don't shy away from an idea like this. The best thing you can do is test it and see how it works!

A great free offer can radically improve your law firm and bring in more leads and clients than ever before. They are attractive, and they make you stand out in a sea of "free consultations."

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.