Three Ways to Reach New Clients: Using Radio Ads for Legal Marketing

You’re thinking about recording an ad for your local radio station. Your copy is good, you’ve appealed to the listeners’ emotions, and you’ve made sure to mention your website to get people to contact you. Now you’ve just got to wait for the calls to start pouring in, right?

Not so fast. Many attorneys (and other businesses, for that matter) don’t know the first think about marketing to a radio audience—and that’s going to hurt their campaign. After all, if you’re not getting a good return on your investment, you’re just throwing money away—and you don’t want your ad is falling on deaf ears (or no ears at all).

To build an effective radio ad for legal marketing, you should be finding the best way to connect with your ideal client. Consider the following three elements:

  • Station. What kinds of stations would your ideal client listen to? If you represent elder abuse victims, consider the oldies or classic rock stations. Would your client listen to just music, or talk radio? Do a little legwork: what stations are commonly playing when you go to the grocery store, dentist, or pizza parlor in your city?
  • When you create a radio ad for your law firm, make sure it is unique and catchy.Time. Now that you know what your client listens to, you need to think about when he is listening. Don’t automatically assume that the best time to market to your client is during the afternoon commute. For example, if you represent worker’s compensation cases, you may want to catch third-shift workers by advertising during overnight hours.
  • Extras. There are ways to involve yourself in your local community through the radio station—some of which won’t be at any additional cost. Give the radio station a copy of your book, or send them a copy for them to give away to callers or sweepstakes winners. You can also sponsor community events that relate to your practice (such as a financial planning convention or county fair).
Ben Glass
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