Are You "The Official Lawn Care Provider of the PGA of America"?

Well, no, you're not The Official Lawn Care Provider of the PGA of America. TruGreen fills that role. I know this because they sent me a letter that told me so right on the envelope.

As a matter of fact, below is the picture of that envelope.

Now, why would TruGreen be interested in telling this to me...

Have you ever watched a golf tournament? My dad was a golfer. He was good enough to go to University of Illinois on a golf scholarship - even thought once about turning pro. So in my youth, golf was both played and watched. I used to find watching the games quite dull, but I now catch myself paying closer attention to the player rankings and some of the televised play these days. Funny how that happens. Anyhow, one thing that you can't help but notice in a golf tournament is just how beautiful (most of) the courses are. The grass is greener than seems scientifically possible!

As a paying sponsor of the PGA, TruGreen is using the association to boost its own profile. "If you've got it, flaunt it." TruGreen is associated with the greenest grass, so they're going to flaunt it on their mailers.

Aligning Yourself with Causes, Associations, and More

If you are doing something noteworthy in your community, you should be sharing it with the people who follow you (call them your herd, tribe, followers, or whatever term you want). Great Legal Marketing Members such as Kenny Berger, Jim Dodson, and others highlight their local activities in their print newsletter.

Build an association between yourself and a cause. Make it tight enought that when people talk about that cause, they can't help but mention that your law firm is actively helping out.

Sponsoring an association and/or organization can be useful in your marketing. The trick really comes in making sure you actually share your activities. Personal injury attorneys being part of local efforts by M.A.D.D. is an example of this.

Even aligning with your bar association can be useful. Just don't be boring about it! If you are excited about aligning with a group or cause, then that excitement should show through in how you express it.

It could be worked in as part of your letterhead, or it can be featured prominently on your home page. Whatever you do with it, you're building an emotional connection between your firm and potential clients. You need to develop slight edges on your competition and this is certainly a potent way to go about it. When potential clients line you up against your competition, at least you will stand out as altruistic, meaning that choosing you allows the client to become part of your cause as well.

Go public with your support! That's the big lesson here. You can be charitable and improve your marketing at the same time.

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