Turn Your Readers Into Viewers: Online Video is a Great Way to Meet (and Keep!) Clients

If you’re keeping up with the competition, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of lawyers are putting video on their law firm websites. These short videos seem to be the attorney talking about a simple legal problem and offering a solution—so why didn’t he just write it in a blog post? Is he just an “ego case” who just likes to hear himself speak?

Nope. He’s using YouTube to improve his legal marketing—and you should be, too.

Lawyer videos provide advertising, improved search engine rankings, and many other benefits to your site by turning your readers into viewers. So what’s the difference between a readers and a viewer on your website?

Readers know what you think. Viewers see who you are.

Make sure you are not making these common video marketing mistakes.You probably know a few people who are better “on paper.” They are smart and well spoken when they’re writing a business report, but get them in front of a group of people and they’ll say something embarrassing (or won’t utter a word all night). A successful lawyer needs to have a great legal mind and a personality that appeals to his clients; with your online videos, your customers can see your “people skills” firsthand.

Readers know you’re qualified. Viewers think you’re famous.

Do you watch the same channel every night to get the news because you feel as if you “know” the newscaster? Imagine meeting that news anchor in person. You would probably feel comfortable with her—maybe even a little starstruck—because you’ve seen her so many times before. Since you feel like you’ve met her, you are also more likely to trust her.

Readers get information. Viewers get advice.

People visit their favorite review sites, shopping sites, or news sites first if they like the way the company is run. This is known as brand loyalty, and it also applies to your business. Your website viewers want easy legal help; if you can give it, they will keep coming back to you for answers to their questions. After a few insider peeks into the world of law, the reader will trust you as his number one source of information. Maybe he’ll even bookmark your site.

Remember: it’s not enough to add video to your site: you have to know how to make a good legal marketing video.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.