You May Already Know How to Write Compelling Ad Copy for Your Legal Business

After reading our articles on how legal marketing mistakes can harm your practice, you are probably considering hiring a copy editor. After all, building an effective website is a full-time job—and you’ve already got one. Besides, you’d never be able to learn how to write compelling ad copy, right?

You may not have to. As an attorney, you already have the skills you need to market to your potential clients. You spend your entire life crafting persuasive arguments, convincing a judge that your client deserves a certain amount of compensation for his suffering. All you need to do is apply that skill to your marketing campaign.

A persuasive advertising argument consists of:

  • Research. For your message to take hold, you must know to whom you are speaking. Identifying your perfect audience will make it easier to craft a message that will convince them.
  • Evidence. There are many facts that can convince your customers that you have the goods to get your client what he or she needs. Case results, articles, and your free informational guide all support your argument.
  • Empathy. Anyone who is thinking of hiring an attorney has likely had a harrowing personal experience. To be effective, your website copy should appeal to the emotions of your audience, just as you appeal to the jury’s emotions in the courtroom.How to use your legal skill to write a great advertisement.
  • Conclusion. Your argument should lead your customer to the natural conclusion that speaking with you is the best way to proceed with their case. Even if they are not ready to hire you, they should ask you a few questions to get the benefit of your expertise.

Your ability to construct a chain of reasoning is one of the strongest marketing tools you have. Consider “contact our law firm” as the last link in the chain, and work backward. As long as the chain of evidence is compelling and emotionally satisfying for the reader, your argument will win you additional clients for as long as your site remains active.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.