Three Ways Your Competition is Beating You with Better “Backstage” Marketing

If you’ve been reading our legal marketing tips for some time, you know that there is no one “right” way to market to your customers. As long as you are writing informative content that is driven toward getting your customer to initiate contact, your marketing goals are on the right track.How to avoid common website mistakes.

However, many simple mistakes can place your site several rungs below your competitors’. Here are three ways your site would get an “F” in law firm marketing:

  • Faulty headlines and copy. Your website will never be read from front to back, or from the first post to the last. Customers may enter your website on any one of your internal pages, so each page that you create must include headlines and copy that are interesting, keyword-rich, easy to navigate, and provoke a request for additional information.
  • Failure to include a Live Chat option. Many attorneys sniff at the idea of paying a Live Chat operator to answer legal questions, but this mode of initiating contact is becoming increasingly popular. People don’t want to wait for a response to their questions (even 24 hours is too long), so a Live Chat box on your site may be worth the investment if your prospects are turning to a competitor for faster answers.
  • Forgetting to optimize your site for search engines. Even if you’re using plenty of keywords in your copy, you’re going to have to use additional “backstage” SEO tactics. This includes unique title tags and meta-descriptions for each page of your site to attract search engine robots (and increase your rankings for that string of search terms).

Remember that speed is key when grabbing your customer’s attention. You can’t tell your story slowly, hoping they will “bear with you” until you get to the good stuff. You have to get them interested in what you have to say so that they stop looking for another attorney, and request more of the information that you specifically can provide.

Ben Glass
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