Lawyer Marketing Ideas: Get More Cases By Opening Up Personally

Maybe you don’t want to hear it, but there are potential gains in opening up aspects of your personal life to prospects and your client base. 

Possibly, you’ve seen lawyers attempting to add human interest to their websites in the past. If you have a negative reaction to the idea, it might be because previous instances where you’ve seen it done were clumsy or blatantly self-serving. It could be that your concept of “opening up” is far too broad, and you’re concerned that doing it might leave you open to unpleasant scrutiny. 

There is an art to this kind of advertising. Done correctly, showing your personal side will strengthen your connection to existing clients and draw new prospects to you through a means that most people won’t even recognize as marketing. 

Instead of one-note character on a screen, clients and prospects will see you as a multi-faceted individual. This differentiates you from the competition and helps to break down some of the hesitations prospects can have about reaching out to you and your firm.

Some tips on giving attorney marketing campaign a healthy dose of human interest:
  1. Don’t use your firm’s website for personal content. Start an independent blog for human interest content. You should certainly feature a link to this blog on your small law firm website, possibly on your bio and contact pages, along with your links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and whatever other social networking sites you frequent.

  1. Talk about what matters to you. Whether it’s something happening in your firm, like a new location, a big settlement, or a landmark anniversary for your firm; or something in your personal life, like adopting a child, volunteering to plant trees, or a landmark anniversary for your marriage, people care. Sharing pictures, videos and real life stories will make you compelling to your prospects and existing clients.

  1. Don’t overshare. Remember to stick with content that won’t alienate readers or make you seem unprofessional. Choose the sort of content you’d share with your alumni newsletter. Only demonstrate your political or religious affiliations to the extent that they factor in to your decision on whether or not you’ll take a case.

  1. Use that “comments” link. It goes a long way toward making people feel welcome. Consider asking a leading question in the first comment or in the entry itself. Comments can also help push your personal blog up in search engine results.

  1. Remember to syndicate your blog! It helps your content reach a wider base and will allow readers to subscribe to your blog through their RSS readers.

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