The Pros and Cons of Using Your Law Firm’s Marketing Budget on Phone Book Ads

Our legal marketing consultants have seen a lot of advertising methods come and go over the years. Although phone book ads are still with us for now, they are rapidly being replaced by electronic media. Many attorneys feel that the low price of space in the Yellow Pages make placing ads seem like a no-brainer, but there are still pros and cons of investing in a dying art.

Here are a few “too good to be true” aspects of phone book marketing for lawyers:

  • It’s cheap! Yellow Pages ads may be less expensive than billboards, but there’s a reason for that: they’re becoming less and less popular. The lack of competition may have driven the price down, but readership is also low, and you must consider that when making room in your advertising budget.
  • It reaches everyone! While it’s true that your ad will potentially reach anyone with access to a phone book, that may not be such a great thing. If your ideal client is unlikely to use the Yellow Pages (and again, we remind you that most people have stopped using phone directories), it may not be worth the investment.
  • Someone else will write the ad for me! If you let an advertising rep design your ad, you can be sure it’s going to look like every other attorney ad ever created. The reason you are even considering this form of marketing is to be different, so forget the “call now” and “free consultation” tropes. Grab attention with your irresistible offer and easy-to-find website—even if the rep advises against it.Is the Yellow Pages a good advertising option for your law firm?

So how will you know if your phone book ad is actually worth running? The best way to handle niche marketing opportunities is by tracking the number of customers who found you as a direct result of the ad. When you design your ad, you should include a link to a unique web page that can track all inquiries and customer data, giving you the hard information you need when considering placing these ads in the future.

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