Successful Lawyer Marketing Requires Relentless Follow-Up (Part B)

So how do I keep fresh in the clients' minds without being annoying or pushy? Just like the snooze alarm on your clock that comes back on every few minutes to remind you it's time to get up, I'm in their mailbox, their Email inbox, reminding them that they still need legal representation and I'm there to provide it.

Get In Their Face and Stay There - But Don't Be Annoying

That "Contact Us" form on your website isn't just for getting a client in for a free case evaluation. If that's all you did, you're going to be bombarded with tiny cases that eat up all of your free time.

Once your client puts in their Email information, your automated system should immediately send them a copy of your guide to whatever it is you do. Not only are you now in their good graces because you gave them valuable information for free, but you've also established yourself as a source of knowledge.

So now they've got your free book, follow up with them. Have your program pop out another Email to them the next day, making sure they got the materials and then adding icing to the cake by providing them more free advice/materials. Now they know you mean business if you've taken the time to make sure they're getting the information they need.

Even so, customers buy when they're ready to buy. By continuing to pop up in their lives every month or so, through Emails, packages of information, postcards, e-greetings, and video clips, you keep fresh in their memory so when they're ready to decide, you're the first lawyer that comes to mind.

Perpetual Motion Legal Marketing

I've been using a great software system, Infusionsoft, for all my legal marketing automation needs. It helps build and manage your client database so your packages of info are mailed out, your newsletters and "just checking in" Emails are flowing smoothly, and your YouTube channel is getting hits with your monthly "Ask-a-lawyer" clips. 

The clients that come now are the ones who took the effort to read your materials, watch your videos, and realize that you're the lawyer they want. These are the clients that will remember your name when their buddy asks them if they know a good attorney.

There's a lot more to this legal marketing process than what I've covered here. For the whole scoop plus tips on how to get those media channels working for you in your lawyer marketing campaign, request a free copy of our marketing report and CD. Or, contact Great Legal Marketing today at 703-591-9829. 

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