No, there's isn't going to be an elaborate A-Team television show metaphor here - though one could be made...

We are going to show you how to hire A-level employees in your practice, from paralegals to receptionists to attorneys to marketing assistants. Everything you will learn in the video below applies to every position in your practice.

Many law firm owners have "settled" in the past for less than stellar team members. This is the fastest way to "Frustration Town" and "Mediocre City." They are well-populated places, but you don't want to be a resident there. No more "half-assed hirings" for you!

The way you hire will determine the talent level in your practice, and if you want to experience growth, you absolutely must have a way to hire the best people in place. Otherwise, you will stall out your growth as you find that team members aren't reaching the potential you need them to reach - and the fault lies with you for hiring the wrong person in the first place. Don't worry though. We've hired plenty of talented people over the years and have developed reliable methods for you to use in your law practice.

You will discover WHERE we find our top team members, WHO we aim to hire, WHY we hire for attitude over skills, and HOW we actually handle the hiring process.

Watch the Video Below to Radically Improve Your Hiring Process!

Charley Mann
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Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!