Using The GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program, You Can Attract Half The New Prospects That You’re Attracting Right Now And Make Just As Much Money

Using the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice

Coaching Program, you can attract half the new prospects that

you're attracting right now and make just as much money


That's right. In fact, it's probably less than half. Before I really tweaked and perfected

this Program, I had a 55% no-show rate and a 50% closing rate. I had to attract over double the number of prospects that I attract now to generate the same amount of revenue. Attracting the prospects is the hard part, so it goes without saying trying to attract double what you should be can be an insurmountable task.


After implementing all of the techniques that I have laid out for you in this Program, I have been able to achieve consistent numbers of people that actually come in and those that come in are going to work with me. This makes operation of the practice so much better because I can actually count on things. I don't have to wonder if people are going to say yes. Just think about what you could do with the extra time you would have if you could market less because you don't have to attract as many new prospects.


Getting a handle on just the issue of increasing your show up rate and your closing rate

creates a potentially huge moneymaker on your hands and it will give you the freedom you've been wishing for. It's why you started your business in the first place. And with this Program, you'll get that freedom.


I know how to practice bankruptcy law, so therefore I know how to

run a bankruptcy law practice. Why do I need your help?


You may not and I wish you all the best in the world, but if you have gotten this far, it is

probably safe to assume your practice is not all it is cracked up to be. So, you have two options to transform it into the firm you always wanted.


The first is trial and error, that's the option that I used and the other is to use an already

proven program that has been created by someone else. So let me just go over the pros and cons of both options.


Trial and error, as I said, is what I used. The pros of it, you'll definitely learn what you

need to learn over time just the way I did. I would estimate that the cost of trial and error for me was well in excess of $250,000. If that seems like a large number, I just think of all of the people that came into my office and didn't say yes. In addition, I add all of the marketing dollars I wasted during the times when 55% of the prospects never showed up for their appointment. If you add that in, I mean, it's probably even more.


Without having a program, going through trial and error, if you're not comfortable doing

this, you're going to lose $1000-$3000 every single time someone walks out your door. Now you can take the do-it-yourself route and I did that and I found that what happened was I was foregoing about $30,000 every week, every time I didn't get at least 82% of the people to show up and then close 84% of those people. So how long can you really forego $30,000 per week in your office?


Is there an alternative?


The good news is YES! The other alternative is you can use an already proven program

and, of course, the pros of that are once you learn it the system will work for you. And as I said, I've trained staff in two other offices as well as attorneys in my own office to use the system, they're using it, it works. It's not just a system that works for me, it's a system that will work for anybody who uses it.


The downside, of course, is you have to learn it and use it and there's an investment of

time and money for that as well. Then you just have to compare which costs you more. Trial and error or using a program that's already been proven.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.