Innovative Legal Marketing Includes Continuing Contact with Those Who Request Information

Innovative legal marketing does not need to be high tech or overly complicated, but it must be memorable on the front end and complete on the back end. What does that mean? It means that you must create law firm marketing materials that attract the clients and cases that you want for your law firm. It means that you must have a way to keep track of those who contact your law firm regardless of whether they hire you or not.

What Will You Do When Someone Fills Out Your Contact Form or Requests Your Book?
When a prospective client contacts your office with a case that you want, it is easy to follow up. You schedule a meeting and, hopefully, sign a fee agreement.

However, what happens to the people who contact you and either don’t have a case or have a case in a different niche of the law? You need to have a way to keep their names and contact information so that you can continue to market to them. These names are a valuable resource to you. They’ve seen your website or your ad and they like what they see. If they have a case that you want to handle in the future, you want to make sure that they come to you. Accordingly, your “back end” marketing system should have a way to store, access and use this information.

Learn More Innovative Legal Marketing Techniques
Innovative lawyer marketing strategies do not end with the development of your ad. You need to know what to do when an interested party contacts your law firm and how to use those contacts to develop databases of prospective clients who can be targeted with other types of marketing materials in the future.

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