Creating Innovative Legal Marketing Headlines – It Isn’t as Easy as It Looks!

You had a great idea for an article, blog post, frequently asked question, or other piece of content for your law firm marketing website. You’ve drafted the piece, edited it, and you are excited about it. It is truly a piece of innovative legal marketing that will help further your small law firm advertising agenda. Unfortunately, you aren’t finished yet.

Before you publish your piece to your website, you need to come up with a title. You have two choices. You can either add the first title that comes to mind, or you can take the time to come up with a catchy title that grabs your readers’ attention and attracts search engines. You can probably guess which choice our legal marketing consultants are going to suggest that you make.

How Are You Going to Make a Great Title?

The tone of your title depends on the overall tone of the piece you have written. Are you trying to be funny? Appeal to the emotions of your reader? Inform your reader of breaking news? Whatever your purpose, it should be included in your title. Additionally, your title should make your reader want to read your piece, and it should include at least one keyword or key phrase from your writing.

Titles can be difficult to draft. Often, you will achieve better results if you draft the piece first and if you aren’t afraid to go through several revisions of possible titles.

Don’t Forget Subheadings and Other Innovative Legal Marketing Ideas!

Why limit yourself to one title when you can have more than one? Consider using subheadings to break up your content and attract readers’ attention. Subheadings make pages of text less intimidating and easier to read. Like page titles, they should be interesting, relevant, short, and, if possible, contain a keyword or key phrase.

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