With so many skilled attorneys throughout the United States, the key to success is to set the law firm apart from the rest. An interesting legal newsletter is an important part of legal marketing that helps the law firm stand out in the crowd. Many attorneys make a crucial mistake by sending out their newsletter through email. Taking the extra time to print the newsletter adds that extra touch that clients will remember.


In order to be effective, the legal newsletter should go out to every individual who is a part of the law firm's marketing funnel on a monthly basis. Great Legal Marketing, for example, sends out approximately 4,500 print newsletters each month. The extra effort pays off over time. Clients who have been a part of a firm's funnel for years may eventually come forward with a great case on behalf of themselves or someone they know and referred to the firm. They will remember the law firm because the effective lawyer marketing strategy established a tangible presence in the individual's mind every month for many years. Clients in need of legal representation generally do not search for an attorney through television or radio advertisements. Instead, they ask trusted contacts for referrals or reach out to an attorney who is familiar to them.


Three guidelines to follow in order to draft a successful legal newsletter are as follows:


  1. Offer interesting content

  2. Write about issues that your target audience can relate to

  3. Educate recipients with information pertaining to their legal problems


To bring your law firm enough success to vault it into the top 20% of successful firms, utilize an effective, printed legal newsletter. For more information, contact attorney marketing specialist Ben Glass at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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