Establishing Yourself as the Authority in Your Field Before Meeting a Client

One mistake that we see lawyers make time and time again in their marketing is trying to close the entire sale up front.  When you’ve put thousands of dollars into creating the perfect yellow pages ad or the perfect website, you come to expect that clients will beat down your door asking to hire you because you have 47 years of experience or 10 paralegals who will return their calls in an hour.  Clients don’t care about this sort of thing.


The goal of your front-end marketing (web page, yellow pages ad, commercial) should be to drive people to the next step of your marketing funnel.  Even the most expertly crafted yellow pages ad isn’t going to close a single client.  Clients decide whether they want to hire you from what they know about you – not from what your copy writer has to say.  The back-end marketing sequence allows you to tell clients all about you, your practice, your knowledge, and your results without you actually having to spend a minute of time with the individual client. 


Once you’ve used your website to grab their name and contact information, you can send them books and articles you’ve written which cement yourself as the authority in your field of law.  Trust me, giving them something you’ve written establishes yourself as much more of an authority than the ad which calls you a “Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorney” does.


Running potential clients through this marketing sequence flips the way that the overwhelming majority of attorneys are now conducting your business.  Done right, when the client comes to your office for the first time to tell you about their case (which you’ve already had someone pre-screen), he’s trying to sell you on why you should take his case instead of you trying to sell him on why he should hire you. 

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.