Are TV ads worth the cost for your law firm?There’s a lot of money to be made in personal injury attorney televised advertising—for your local television station. Perhaps, as far as your small law firm is concerned, it might be more productive to rephrase that statement to “There’s a lot of money to be spent in personal injury attorney televised advertising.”

Since you’re taking the initiative to reinvigorate your current law firm marketing strategies and spend advertising dollars in a more effective way, it might be time to reassess your attitudes toward television spots.

Once as inarguable a venue for market saturation as running an ad in the Yellow Pages, the problems with small law firm television advertising are increasingly overwhelming the advantages. Savvy personal injury attorneys have dramatically decreased their television time. Their ads are vanishing from phone books at an alarming rate. Why? The reasons aren’t dissimilar:

  • Too many options for the consumer: hundreds of channels, thousands of listings
  • Very little space: 30 seconds or a couple square inches
  • Low visibility: if your prospect zips through ads, gets a snack or starts skimming one page shy of your ad, you’re out of luck

Still, while you can almost entirely write off the phone book, you can’t write off television spots. It provides a unique personal injury attorney exposure, especially when dealing with prospects who might not have otherwise thought to pursue legal action on a case. Potential clients will be able to see and hear you, as well, something they wouldn’t get at all from a print ad or even the first click on your website.

So use television spots as part of your law firm marketing package, but use it wisely.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.