It Takes More Than Flashy Graphics to Create Effective Personal Injury Marketing

Designing your legal website.At Great Legal Marketing, we have seen too many attorneys fall into the trap of flashy web design. It goes something like this: the attorney is frustrated at his lack of clients, and assumes his website is to blame. So he hires a web designer to add video, photos, and tons of flashing graphics to the site, spending thousands of dollars for the privilege.

While their new websites may look professional, these attorneys will soon discover that marketing is much more than meets the eye. While video and graphics can be valuable elements of your blog, they need to be optimized to be effective.

Consider how optimizing the following elements could improve your search engine rankings:

  • Photos and animation. Search engine spiders cannot “see” the photos or moving images on your site; they can only read the text of the filename or description. All of the images on your site must be renamed using keyword phrases (such as “personal-injury-attorney-St-Louis”) to let the robots know what the picture contains.
  • Logos. Many attorneys use something intuitive when creating filenames for their logos, such as “Smith-and-Jones-attorney-logo.jpeg.” While this may help you locate the file on your computer, it gives no information to the search engines.
  • Video. There are many ways to optimize your attorney videos using YouTube. Adding descriptions, tags, and using the social element of the site encourages both sharing and name recognition, giving you more weight with search engine robots and human readers.

Remember: you should never assume that your web designer is also a marketing expert. Designers are primarily concerned with aesthetics, such as the look and feel of your site, and how easy it is to use. Web marketers know how to get personal injury clients, optimizing every line of copy and meta description to draw in readers and bump up your position on a search results page. Both are necessary, but the latter is vital in getting customers to your front door.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.